About The Forum

The Arabian Venture Forum (AVF) is an initiative aimed at supporting the venture capital landscape in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region by connecting international and local VC firms with high-profile technology-based start-ups. Capitalizing on the success of 2015 forum, the AVF 2016 will be a two-day event where venture capitalists from around the globe gather to discuss investment opportunities, technology trends, industry outlooks and regulatory challenges through a series of keynote speeches, panels and informal exchanges. AVF provides a unique, cross-border platform to create the essential connections between local and international investors on one side and local and international entrepreneurs on the other side. Initiated by the KAUST Innovation Fund, the forum will be held at KAUST on November 19 and 21, 2016. The AVF 2016 represents a collective effort to promote the economic development of the region in line with the mission of the University.

This year, AVF has partnered with Cleantech Scandinavia – a renowned promoter of Cleantech entrepreneurial and VC ecosystems – to further expand the impact and reach of AVF’s mission. Our theme for this year is Energy, Clean Technologies (Cleantech) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT). We will be hosting approximately 50 early and growth-stage companies, each selected by the Advisory Committee led by both KAUST Innovation Fund and Cleantech Scandinavia. We believe these sectors will generate breakthrough innovation and high impact disruptions in the Kingdom.


Energy & Clean Technologies

Oil and gas – Water technologies – Energy efficiency & Storage – Power Generation – Renewables – Advanced materials – Eco-construction – Nanotechnology – Petrochemicals

Information & Communication Technology

Hardware and Sensors – Robotics – Internet of Things, Smart Home, Smart City – Optoelectronics – Digital health – FinTech – Virtual Reality – Wearables – Innovative marketplaces and social networks