Renewable Dynamics

Renewable Dynamics

Renewable Dynamics شركة الموارد المتجددة للطاقة, is a Jeddah-based Saudi technology startup that aims to become the leading provider of and a catalyst for innovation in the renewable water and energy technologies. Renewable Dynamics is also the Exclusive Patent Licensee and Distributor of Island Sky® and its Sky Water® brand in Saudi Arabia. Through R&D initiatives and strategic partnerships, Renewable Dynamics aims to sustainably address Saudi Arabia’s water challenges, through the deployment and utilization of renewable water and energy technologies. In addition, Renewable Dynamics aims to bridge the local innovation gap, through building, expanding and exporting Saudi know-how in renewable technologies and associated services.

Unique Value Proposition
Economically exploit the humidity, in order to provide a sustainable and renewable source of potable water where needed, when needed; through Point-of-Use Atmospheric Water Generator, AWG machines, which can potentially have a carbon neutral footprint.

Renewable Dynamics Knowledge Diffusion & Innovation, KDI Business Model
The strategic outlook of Renewable Dynamics rests on its Knowledge Diffusion & Innovation (KDI) Business Model, which is its intended raison d’être for its intended growth and development, based on its proposed R&D, investment and commercial partnership. The KDI Model, describes the medium and long-term outlook and its planned scope of operations. Moreover, the KDI Model will contribute to Saudi Arabia’s renewable water and energy sector’s environmental and business value creation, through the delivery and capture of greater business value in manufacturing and services. This will be underpinned by the current (proposed) and future R&D initiatives. that will help support localizing and developing properly selected strategic and advanced technologies in the below identified and targeted sectors:

The KDI Strategic Thrust:

Harness, utilize and innovate in the renewable water technology sector

Contribute to building know-how and efficiently deploy renewable water technology hardware, software.

Become a catalyst that will spur & bridge the innovation gap in Saudi Arabia’s renewable water technology.

The KDI Model aims to bridge the technology gap and spur innovation, thus allowing for sustainable business growth, greater financial value and increased momentum that will lead to technological novelty and localization of knowledge creation. As such, it is aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030 renewable energy approach, given that its intended contribution to greater knowledge capture will enhance Saudi Arabia’s innovation-based competencies in the sustainable and renewable water sector. In turn, this will eventually lead to the generation of commercialized patents and the expansion of value-added business opportunities. The aim is two-fold; identify and deploy new sources of potable water and creating a platform for renewable technology innovation in Saudi Arabia.