Self installing concrete gravity based foundation for offshore wind turbines. The technology accommodates the need for offshore wind foundations for larger water depths and bigger turbines.

Commercially the technology are more cost/effective than monopoles and jackets for large scale offshore wind farms on water depths of +35 metres.

The foundation type has a number of environmentally positive effects as it is easy to install and decommission. The life span of concrete foundations are also longer than life span for traditional steel structures due to a more smooth O&M programme with less corrosion.

Seatower foundations can be installed on a variety of seadbeds including rocky seabed which allows the developers of offshore wind farms to avoid drilling and hammering in the seabed.

The installation is always carried out without the need of special purpose vessels such as jak-up vessels and offshore cranes. The installation can therefore be done efficiently year-round and without the need of noise mitigation tools.

Seatower is ready for market and currently addressing a number of opportunities in Europe and US.