Mohammed Al-Zamil

Mohammed Al-Zamil



Mr. Al-Zamel was appointed  as Manager for the SME Financing Program at SIDF in 2016. He supervises the overall implementation of the SME Financing Program within SIDF, covering wide role by managing the delivery of the program, create the operation strategy, ensure program alliagnment with stakeholders from public and private sector.  He also serves as board member representing SIDF as an LP in Riyadh-TAQNIA Venture Fund (RTF)

Mr. Al-Zamel has 8 years of public experience, dealing with financing as a consultant for SIDF Management. His experience is in the financing of industrial SMEs, mostly in petrochemical sector and plastics industry. In 2015, Mr. Al-Zamel was selected by the Minister of Commerce & Industry to participate with a team consisted of high-level delegation in the creation of a Government Fund-of-Funds initiative with a total size of (USD1 Bn), that aims to support SMEs indirectly through investing in Venture Capital & Private Equity Funds. This initiative was approved by the Saudi Cabinet in August, 2016.

He joined SIDF in 2009, after graduating from the Chemical Engineering Department in King Saud University, Saudi. Also, Mr. Al-Zamel  holds Master Degree in Manufacturing Management from Warwick University, United Kingdom. Besides, he attended various executive programs in finance and management provided by well reputable institutes around the world such as INSEAD & HaaS Business School .