Tuba Terekli

Tuba Terekli



Tuba Terekli is the co-founder and CEO of Qotuf Al Riyadah Development Company, and is a well-known entrepreneurship advocate, policy maker and ecosystem architect.

Working with the various chambers, ministries, universities, accelerator programs, and venture capitals, Tuba has effectively used her global networks from 162 countries to help develop entrepreneurship and women empowerment initiatives but is more known for her energetic role as the “accelerator lady”, whereby she has addressed the lack of proper growth vehicles for innovative businesses and is the founder of the first private sector run accelerator in Saudi Arabia, Flat6Labs Jeddah.

Tuba is a regular speaker and activist in numerous global forums/conferences, in addition to her role as a founding member of the Middle East Venture Capital Network, Saudi-Turkish Business Council Executive Member and think-tank participant in many regional government activities.

Tuba also founded the first female-managed healthcare consultancy in the region, which had been awarded by National Arab US Chamber of Commerce as one of the region’s most promising projects.

Tuba holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Saudi Arabia, a Master’s in Business Administration from the UK and various Advanced Study degrees from the USA. She is also the co-founder and member of numerous local and international institutes. Being an active mother of four is her favorite past-time.